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Old Majestic Brewing Co

Old Majestic Brewing Co
Old Majestic Brewing Company was formed to bring about more than a beer-drinking opportunity but a beer-drinking experience. Our brews are crafted with select hops and taste patterns to encourage our consumers to enjoy the finer quality beers offered. Anyone can drink a beer, but we wanted to educate our consumers to learn more about beer and how to enjoy it. We believe Mobile beer drinkers deserve to know what makes a great beer, so we created a beer drinking experience at Old Majestic Brewing. The name “Old Majestic” stems from the mighty, majestic oak tree, which is the National Tree of the United States of America and a tree that endured and embodies the rich history of our hometown, Mobile, Alabama. The mighty oak is a symbol of strength, morale, resistance and knowledge. It represents wisdom personified by its towering authority, slow growth and noble presence. As the majestic oak is known to live for more than 300 years, it is a powerful life-affirming symbol. Just like the mighty oak, Old Majestic Brewing Company seeks for its beers to occupy a noble presence and provide its customers with the best quality hand-crafted beer around


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