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What do we offer?

Crowdonomics has the first and only pre-IPO investment portfolio tracker with automatic current value and return calculations. Just create an account, navigate to Portfolio, and add your first investment! 


In addition to that, you can: 

Find - Use Crowdnomics' screener tool to find deals that meet your criteria, searching by industry, valuation, founder affinity groups, and other classifications. 

Research - Create an account to see a company's historic rounds & valuation, and upgrade to Crowdonomics+ to see early bird perks, deal notes and research, historical financials and financial ratios, and more. 

Track - Create an account, enter your investments, and get up-to-date ROI and IRR calculations. 

New to this type of investing? Head over to the Guide to learn more about pre-IPO investment types, Reg CF, and more. When you're ready to search for your next investment, head over to Investment Opportunities to see what you can invest in now.  

About us

Crowdonomics was founded in 2018 when the founder, searching for investments, realized several challenges they were all coming across. First, finding and comparing deals was really, really hard. And second, there were companies (knowing or unknowingly) providing inaccurate and misleading information to investors.

Thus, Crowdonomics was born. Crowdonomics' goal is to empower the investors of the American Dream through data-driven insights. Crowdonomics compiles deal information from all major equity crowdfunding platforms and provides tools to help compare offerings, understand the true picture of the investment opportunities, and track companies and your investment portfolio over time. 

We care about data, facts, and making sure that as new investors join this market, they are making the best possible decisions for them, their families, and their financial well-being. We are an investor-led, investor-first thinking platform. 

Is there something you want to be able to do, but don't yet see it on our platform? Contact us and let us know!


Max Kilb

Max founded Crowdonomics in 2018 in a entrepreneurial challenge through his fellowship, Venture for America. He has been investing in stocks for over 15 years, and has made more than two dozen investments in Reg CF since it was legalized by Congress in 2016. 

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